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Healing occurs when we dissolve the cause at the level of manifestation where it began

Physical and emotional conditions are deeply woven into our consciousness. Any dis-ease can originate on one or more levels, such as the structural, biochemical, mental, emotional, energetic, and soul level. Healing occurs when we dissolve the cause at the level of manifestation where it began.

Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma can have a profound impact on individuals, adults often grapple with the repercussions of their past experiences. Childhood trauma PTSD is a condition characterized by distressing symptoms stemming from past traumatic events.


Recognizing the significance of childhood trauma healing becomes crucial in supporting these individuals on their path to recovery and growth. What is childhood trauma? Childhood trauma examples may include physical or emotional abuse, neglect, witnessing violence, or the loss of a loved one.

By acknowledging the impact of childhood trauma, providing therapeutic support, and promoting resilience, I can help adults with childhood trauma navigate their healing journey towards a brighter and more empowered future.

Find Your Life Purpose

I am dedicated to supporting you in finding your life purpose and discovering a meaningful path. I understand that finding a purpose in life can be a transformative journey, especially if you are navigating challenges such as depression. My approach combines the power of energy medicine and soul intention to facilitate your healing process. I utilize a range of energy tools for healing, tailored to your unique needs.


You may be wondering, 'What is energy work?' Simply put, it is a holistic practice that addresses the energetic aspects of your being, promoting balance and well-being. As a energy medicine practitioner, I am are here to guide you towards greater clarity, vitality, and purpose. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery.

Discover the transformative power of Soul Retrieval, Ancestor Healing, and the profound impact of Healing Ancestors on your path to personal and collective healing. We recognize the interconnectedness of our souls, past and present, and offer sacred practices to heal ancestral trauma and restore balance within.

Soul Retrieval

Uncover the lost fragments of your soul and experience a profound sense of wholeness through Soul Retrieval. I guide you through ancient techniques, helping you reclaim parts of yourself that may have been disconnected due to past traumas or life challenges. By reintegrating these fragments, you will experience a deep sense of empowerment, purpose, and inner harmony.

Ancestor Healing

Our ancestral lineage holds a powerful influence on our lives, shaping our experiences and beliefs. Ancestor Healing allows us to address inherited patterns and wounds that have been passed down through generations. Through sacred rituals and ceremonies, we honor our ancestors, release ancestral burdens, and restore harmony within our family lineage. By healing the past, we create a brighter future for ourselves and future generations.

Healing with Angels

I invite you to explore the healing and transformative power of angels. Through angel healing, I offer a sacred space for you to connect with the angelic realm and experience profound healing.


Whether you seek to heal with angels or are in search of an angel for healing, we are here to support you on your journey. Angels bring divine love, guidance, and comfort, serving as powerful allies in your healing process. With their assistance, we create a nurturing environment where you can embrace healing, growth, and inner peace.

Open your heart to the loving presence of angels and let their gentleness carry you towards restoration and well-being. Discover the magic of angel work and unlock the potential for profound transformation in your life.


Through the first session, I experienced release, clearing, and healing that has been profoundly life-changing for me! I experienced more relief than I had felt in many years! Eva-Maria is compassionate and deeply intuitive in her approach!

Lynne K., Maui

I sincerely felt my session with Eva Maria. She held a palpable frequency of compassion, clarity, and safety, allowing deep emotional states to arise and release. On a transformative core level, with her powerful witnessing abilities, I could clearly register a 40-year obstacle, transmute it, and generate my life forward, embodying more fully the life I wish to live. 

Teresa Gregory, Maui, RN, BSN

I came to Eva Maria with a so far medically incurable form of poly-neuropathy resulting in an atrophying of the distant leg muscles. The prognosis is a slow degenerative process which might end in a wheelchair. I was quite desolate when I starting working with Eva-Maria. Over our healing process together I discovered new resources of dealing with my affliction mentally and physically. This resulted in non only halting the process for the time being, but also an improvement of balance and strength. Today I am 80 % better, which gives me confidence in future miracles along the way.

Christian T, Hamburg, Germany
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