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Animal Healing

Eva- Maria provides energy healing for animals (in person or remotely) because she believes our furry friends are much more than just their physical bodies. They have emotional and psychological lives too, and they can be affected by the energies they encounter in the world, just like we humans can.


When cats and dogs are surrounded by stressful situations, negative energy can accumulate. This causes imbalance and/or congestion in your furry friends’ energetic bodies. This energetic blockage often shows up as physical ‘symptoms.’


So, what do you do when your animal companion is experiencing stress or discomfort?

How can you help him or her find the comfort, courage, or serenity you see they are craving? This is a perfect time to work with an animal energy healer.


Using the Coburger Method, Eva Maria can give your distressed pets distance energy healing sessions. Not only will your pets benefit from the sessions, but the sessions will help you understand what you can do and how you can help.


How Does Energy Healing for Animals Work? 


In remote sessions, Eva Maria uses energetic healing modalities to help balance the systems of energy throughout your animal’s body to alleviate stress, ailments, and dis-ease. She works with all kinds of animals who are experiencing the following:


  • fears/phobias

  • separation anxiety

  • trauma response

  • nervousness/general anxiety

  • aggression

  • travel anxiety and motion sickness 

  • stress and irritability

  • grief over the loss of a person or animal friend

  • phobias, obsessions and compulsions

  • depression

  • musculoskeletal issues

  • decreased mobility

  • nervous system disorders

  • physical challenges and the unwanted behaviors they cause


The underlying cause of physical symptoms and behavioral challenges in an animal is always  rooted at one of the following levels: structural, emotional, mental, energetical or soul level.


By finding the root cause and clearing the energetic blockages in your pet, Eva Maria’s treatments will not only help your animal be healthier and happier, her energy work will enhance the human-animal bond.

Cat Aloha.jpeg


Bullet was an abused Rodeo horse. The Arena especially made him uncontrollable and outright dangerous (running full speed into the wall). Eva Maria found out the horse’s history and traumas and cleared them. During only one month of healing sessions, the panicked look in Bullet’s eyes disappeared completely. His trust came back and his aggression went away. Thank you so much. Eva-Maria! - Pia, Kula

King K.

King K. has been overgrooming, licking his fur off, and scratching his eyes about 20 times a day. The vet said cats do it when they have anxiety. Eva-Maria had first healing responses after only one session.I watched him doing this everyday less. His fur is growing back and the the heavy and sad look in his eyes disappeared within days. -
Martha, Kihei



Eva-Maria healed our very abused donkey within a few sessions. It was very anxious, nervous and fearful to be approached by people, being unwilling to be touched especially in the rear and back legs, It wasn’t possible to let anyone trim/take care of back hooves. After the 2.nd session the Ferrier could take care of all 4 hooves and within 2 more session she relaxed every day more, engaged with people and her eyes became curious. Big progress!  - Missy S.


A year ago, Bianca, my dog, was diagnosed with cancer that had spread to her lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen. Eva--Marie was able to clear and heal me (the owner), which facilitated Bianca's healing. Today she is cancer free. - Taryn, Haiku 


Buddy was a big part of our family. We loved him very much. Our two daughters were very sad when it became clear that we had to move to Europe and couldn't take Buddy with us. We found him a new home with friends. Eva-Maria helped the whole family to have a smooth transition. Buddy even jumped in the cage at the airport to fly to Ireland, where his new home was. - Marian, Barcelona

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