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Professional Support since 1996
Eva-Maria Coburger provides customized guidance and therapy

Eva-Maria Coburger was certified as a Naturopath in 1996 in Germany. She has studied a broad range of healing and bodywork techniques, including 'InnerWise' Healing Method, Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis, Tibetan Pulsing, Voice Dialogue, Hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Eva-Maria developed the Coburger Method as a fusion of the healing systems she has found most effective, personally and professionally. She offers this unique healing modality to clients around the world.

Eva-Maria’s Message & Mission:
Online Coaching Session

"I became interested in healing at a very early age and came to understand the nature of suffering, as I saw it in myself, my family, and around me. I was raised by a parent with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My parents created their own successful therapy, working with people with special needs. They ran a Music Therapy institute, offering Sensory-Motor and Rhythmic therapies. These early experiences stimulated my interest in healing and laid the foundation for the work I am doing today."

"I knew I needed to find my own personal healing first. At age 19 I began my spiritual transformation and I went to live in an Ashram, where I lived for 30 years. I learned to go within, to meditate, to let go, and to love and accept others and myself. Exploring childhood trauma, and healing ourselves and each other was our everyday life. I learned that deep compassion and non-judgment are the keys to transforming our experiences.

Pain, illness, and suffering are realities of the world and we all must deal with these challenges. The heart of the matter is that I can help because I’ve been in these places. My background has allowed me to be comfortable traversing every part of the human experience.


After years of working intensively to find myself and to heal, my inner wisdom and intuition emerged from deep within. I built a private practice doing Bodywork and Energetic Medicine. Moving toward the healing modalities that I found most effective, I developed ease around healing deep pain and illness. I know now that healing can happen quickly, easily, and even enjoyably.


The Coburger Method was born as a fusion of my personal and professional experiences in self-healing. The entire journey has been extremely rewarding to me and I am happy to bring the fullness of my life experience to the work that I do. I consider myself a guide – a catalyst – who leads the way for people to listen to themselves and access their own inner healing resources. Together we will journey to the root cause of pain, disease, or distress. From that place of discovery, true healing can begin.


My Mission is to help people of all ages, animals, homes, and properties to heal by finding the root cause of any challenge and removing it in order for a deeper transformation to occur. In addition to healing, my goal is to teach others my work so that more can benefit from it.

By finding our individual connection to SOURCE, we are able to access our own healing resources.

Healing is definitely happening at a faster pace now across the world and if we can harness this strength then we are able to help more people and help heal the planet. We can start by doing swift transformational healings so that everyone can step into their highest form and soul's purpose. We are powerful beyond comprehension, and I want to help everyone to know that. Everyone can create their own life."

Eva's Process

"Upon meeting you, my first goal is to hear your story and what issues you are having that need to be acknowledged in order to be healed. Once we have this deeper understanding and appreciation of the problem, I will guide you using my process to help you release this. I use energetic healing testing methods, and various tools to unveil precise details of the issues, and more. Once we have accessed these blocks and challenges in detail, we can easily release and heal. This whole process enables you to experience and unlocks a side of you that you may not ever have consciously experienced before. I will guide you through a step-by-step process that unleashes your optimal potential, and provides lasting tools to help you manage and solve situations, issues, and illnesses."

Eva-Maria Coaching Session

Eva-Maria’s Message & Mission:

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