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The Coburger Method

Coburger Method

Healing on Maui, Hawaii


  • Discover a path to recovery

  • Rebuild trust in yourself

  • Choose a new life for yourself

Experience a series of 5 classes

In-Person on Maui

Limited to 5 People

- At no cost -

When: 5 Wednesdays: February 21, 28, and March 6, 13, 20

Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Where: Haiku, Maui

Cult Recovery

In these series of classes you will:

  • Validate and recognize past experiences in order to recover.

  • Experience the freedom of acknowledging and clearing painful experiences without being retraumatised.

  • Trust yourself and your inner wisdom again.

About the Host

Eva-Maria Coburger

My name is Eva-Maria Coburger, I was part of two different cults for 30 years. It took many years to validate and realize what really happened.

Throughout my recovery, I have created a new life for myself—a life I love to live. 

Of course, helping women who have left a Cult to recover and create a new life for themselves is very dear to my heart now.

Eva-Maria Coburger

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