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I've encountered many healers throughout my career, yet Eva-Maria stands out as one of the most gifted and talented. Her integrity, passion, and healing powers are truly remarkable. It's been an honor to cross paths with her and to benefit from her healing gifts. I was beyond amazed by her ability to identify and release the blocks preventing the healing of my physical and emotional bodies after engaging in countless failed healing modalities for over 30 years. Her healing is profound and has transformed my life in ways I never thought possible.
Brenda H.
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Thank you, Eva Maria is a brilliant, compassionate healer. She guides women through the cult deprogramming process, which is self-empowering and enables them to access their authentic selves while shedding the shell of their cult identity. I have been evolving in leaps and bounds since working with her, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to women who have left a cult and are dedicated to being on a healing journey. Eva will guide you down the path of cult recovery. She is a powerful, trustworthy guide while you are on the path to cult recovery.
Gina E., Maui
I came to Eva Maria with a so far medically incurable form of poly-neuropathy resulting in an atrophying of the distant leg muscles. The prognosis is a slow degenerative process which might end in a wheelchair. I was quite desolate when I starting working with Eva-Maria. Over our healing process together I discovered new resources of dealing with my affliction mentally and physically. This resulted in non only halting the process for the time being, but also an improvement of balance and strength. Today I am 80 % better, which gives me confidence in future miracles along the way.
Christian T.
I sincerely felt my session with Eva Maria. She held a palpable frequency of compassion, clarity, and safety, allowing deep emotional states to arise and release. On a transformative core level, with her powerful witnessing abilities, I could clearly register a 40-year obstacle, transmute it, and generate my life forward, embodying more fully the life I wish to live.
Teresa Gregory
Helping women heal emotional/spiritual wounds is Eva’s passion, and it shows. Her love for being an emissary of healing is evident in the devotion she pours into her clients. She eagerly answers messages throughout the week, and caters each session to the clients’ individual needs as they come up. She provides homework and challenges clients to get in touch with their authentic selves, while shedding the residual “cult-driven” persona that often sticks around. Anxiety, depression, autoimmunity, chronic pain, dysfunctional relationships, and the inability to live optimally are often the residual of leaving a mind-control organization. Eva provided me with a safe haven to explore the root cause of many of these issues, while I learned to lean into authenticity, trust my own intuition, and regained my sense of joy and freedom!
Cult Survivor Anonymous
My experience of working with Eva Maria has been nothing short of transformational! Not many therapists or coaches have the personal experience or tool set to wisely guide ex-cult members through the necessary deprogramming phase required to regain their own sense of emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom. Eva is an exception. Her personal journey of having spent years of her life in two cults, leaving them behind, and learning to trust her own intuition and spiritual path, inspired her to put together a highly effective deprograming protocol. In addition, Eva’s vast knowledge of how to lovingly challenge harmful beliefs and behavioral patterns, imbues her work with deep wisdom and compassion for other women in need of healing.
Cult Survivor Anonymous
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