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Healing on Maui, Hawaii



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JOIN my LIVE FREE Masterclass

January 11 / 5 pm PT, and 8 pm ET

In this FREE Masterclass you will:

Discover a path to full recovery

Rebuild trust and confidence in yourself

Choose a new life for yourself

DOWNLOADS for you to Keep

Recording of a guided Healing Session

PDF with the Key Content

About the Host

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Eva-Maria Coburger

Eva-Maria Coburger provides customized guidance and therapy.


She has been a part of 2 different cults for 30 years.

Now she helps women who left a cult to recover from their traumatic experiences, so they can live a new life for themselves.

What people are saying...

Through the first session, I experienced release, clearing, and healing that has been profoundly life-changing for me!

I experienced more relief than I had felt in many years!

Eva-Maria is compassionate and deeply intuitive in her approach!

- Lynne K., Maui

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