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Helping women who have left a cult or spiritual group to recover and recognize the gifts of their traumatic experiences within 6 months, so that they can create a new life for themselves without being retraumatised.

Healing and Transformation

Wellness Coach




Trace the roots of your issue to its origin, reveal and dissolve it.

Healing on Maui, Hawaii 

The Founder: Eva-Maria Coburger

Eva-Maria Coburger

Eva-Maria Coburger
Founder, Naturopath, Intuitive Specialist

Before clients see me, they have often seen multiple medical professionals, done years of therapy, and have undergone varied treatments. Faced with no lasting solution to a chronic illness, substance abuse, emotional hardships, blockages or limiting belief systems, or simply a feeling of "being stuck" and knowing "there is more", clients finally find me,  and take one of the most important steps to live a life accelerating ones optimal potential on every level, emotional and physical health, personal development and ease of mind.


I developed the Coburger Method as a result of many years of working as a naturopath and healing professional. Coburger Method is a fusion of the various healing systems I have applied in my practice since 1996. This fusion has proven most effective and is customized with each and every client I treat. While the basics appear the same in many cases, all of us are very diverse beings. This diversity in each of us requires special attention and handling. Every client I work with enjoys a customized approach to achieve optimal results.


Enjoy a complimentary discovery session and learn about the possibilities that are available for you to unleash the optimal you.


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I have suffered from migraines most of my life. Taking heavy medication, often making it impossible to focus on my work and family. While on vacation on Maui I heard about Eva-Maria through a friend and scheduled a complimentary discovery session. I felt immediately that I was in good hands. Throughout a period of six weeks starting with two sessions in person and 4 sessions virtually I was able to get rid of my migraines.

Louis M.

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I've encountered many healers throughout my career, yet Eva-Maria stands out as one of the most gifted and talented. Her integrity, passion, and healing powers are truly remarkable. It's been an honor to cross paths with her and to benefit from her healing gifts. I was beyond amazed by her ability to identify and release the blocks preventing the healing of my physical and emotional bodies after engaging in countless failed healing modalities for over 30 years. Her healing is profound and has transformed my life in ways I never thought possible.

Brenda H.

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I came to Eva Maria with a so far medically incurable form of poly-neuropathy resulting in an atrophying of the distant leg muscles. The prognosis is a slow degenerative process which might end in a wheelchair. I was quite desolate when I starting working with Eva-Maria. Over our healing process together I discovered new resources of dealing with my affliction mentally and physically. This resulted in non only halting the process for the time being, but also an improvement of balance and strength. Today I am 80 % better, which gives me confidence in future miracles along the way.

Christian T.

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I sincerely felt my session with Eva Maria. She held a palpable frequency of compassion, clarity, and safety, allowing deep emotional states to arise and release. On a transformative core level, with her powerful witnessing abilities, I could clearly register a 40-year obstacle, transmute it, and generate my life forward, embodying more fully the life I wish to live. 

Teresa Gregory

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